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Offsite Development:

Adeptech Systems believes in the true offsite model and has developed a methodology to offer real economics with the highest level of quality. Our Model provides access to state-of-the-art offsite development facilities and the expert coordination capabilities of our seasoned project managers. The biggest advantage that offsite development provides is the reduction of software development costs. At CSI, we understand that different requirements exist with regard to specific business functions as well as cost and time frames for completion. Accordingly we adapt our services so that comprehensive offsite development programs can be offered to you.

This approach is ideal for engagements where:

     The scope has been defined in detail
     Timelines are aggressive
     Possible need for the client to visit with the development team or the team's managers for greater efficiency

The greatest advantage of offsite development is getting the right person for the job, regardless of location. When you are not limited to choosing someone who is within a half-hour commute, you vastly increase your options. Let alone the fact that you enjoy the following advantages:

     Increased productivity
     Highly-qualified specialists at low costs
     Access to in-house technical resources
     No capital expenditures
     Access to a wider and deeper range of skills than those that may be available within the client's organization and in the time required for the project completion
     Rapid deployment of contract resources to meet the peaks and valleys of the project workload - less need for client resource smoothing
     Daily reports and control
     Contractually enforceable commitment to results

To request more information, please feel free to contact us at Support@eadeptech.com.