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Service Oriented Architecture

Whether your initial goals are focused on application integration or broader such as layering in a shared services SOA platform alongside your existing application infrastructure, Oracle provides you a flexible solution to support your integration roadmap strategy.

Oracle SOA transforms complex application integration into agile and reusable service-based connectivity by mediating, routing, and managing interactions between services and applications in the enterprise and in the cloud. Requirements for application integration have significantly expanded over the last decade to include support for business activity monitoring, event processing, business rules, B2B integration, and more. Organizations now need a unified development, runtime, monitoring, and management interface across these components. Only Oracle SOA provides a unified approach with a single interface for all of your current and future integration requirements to reduce risk, speed time to market, respond faster to business requirements, and lower total cost of ownership.

Application Integration and SOA

Oracle SOA Suite simplifies connectivity by providing a unified experience to integrate across cloud, on-premise, and business-to-business. Additional components included within the unified platform are the enterprise service bus as the foundation for shared services, process orchestration for business optimization, event processing for proactive pattern detection, business rules for business agility, and business activity monitoring to deliver role-based business visibility.

SOA Governance

Oracle's SOA governance solution eases the transition of an organization to service-oriented architecture by providing means to reduce risk, maintain business alignment, and show the business value of SOA investments. Oracle's end-to-end SOA governance solution automates essential SOA governance processes, regardless of the status or progress of your SOA transformation.