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Oracle Solutions:

   As an Oracle Gold Partner, Competent Systems offers its customers end-to-end consulting services in Oracle, from strategy formulation, development, and deployment of the chosen enterprise solutions product to maintenance and support.

   Competent System's recognizes Oracle's strength and flexibility in building a corporate enterprise. A solid investment was made to support and sell the Oracle solution set with the belief that Oracle solutions, large or small, should be part of any corporate environment.

   Today, enterprises need a paradigm shift to continue delivering value for a promising tomorrow. Transformative trends are changing the business landscape time and again. It is a daunting task to justify roIes and track business outcomes from technology investments. Enterprises are finding it difficult to meet challenges such as rising stakeholder expectations, compliance frameworks, market volatility, need for innovation, social commerce, pervasive computing, mobile workforce, and environmental concerns. Enterprise-wide insight, efficient analytics, unified databases, integrated processes, and streamlined workflows to ensure real-time collaboration and intelligent decision-making are imperative.

   At Competent System's Oracle Practice, we combine the power of Oracle's best-of-breed products with our deep expertise and wide experience to deliver measurable business value to our clients. Our clients leverage our expertise in consulting, technology and sourcing to transform their businesses and create outcomes in three key areas: business transformation, accelerated innovation and efficient operations.

   Competent Systems, an integrated services Company developing high value solutions in Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Hyperion, and other Oracle Edge applications and technology products. Our dedicated CoEs in CRM, SCM, ERP, HCM and Technology develop technology-based business optimization solutions on Package Applications, Fusion Middleware, and Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing.

Oracle EBS Implementaions:

           Business Intelligence.
           Customer Relationship Management.
           Mobile Business.
           Human Resource Management.
           Enterprise Solutions.
           Supply Chain Management.
           Strategic Sourcing.
           Customer Relationship Management.
           Application Management Services.
           Development and Integration Services.
           Application Management and Support.
           SOA Services.
           B2B Integration.

Oracle Consulting Services:

           Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions.
           Oracle E-Business Suite - Release 12 - Implementations & Upgrades.
           Architecture, Infrastructure, Performance including RAC & Grid
           Platform, Middleware and Application Integration.
           Identity Management and Security.
           Oracle Database - Application Migrations and Upgrades.
           Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.
           Enterprise and Customer Facing Portals.

Oracle Fusion Middleware:

   Competent System's has been a leader in Oracle Human Capital Management services and is always in the forefront of existing and new Oracle Products. Competent System's has a deep understanding of the Fusion architecture and integration and is actively engaged with customers for Fusion workshops, assessment engagements, implementation services, IT strategy reviews and road maps.

   Existing and new customers alike are engaging Competent System's to learn about how Fusion can be used for HR to HR / coexistence strategies, Talent Reviews, Predictive Analytics, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI), Analytics in the cloud, Business Process Composer, Worklist Lifecycle Manager, Network at Work, Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER), and HCM Rapid Start.

   Competent System's has a very unique inside view of Oracle Fusion. This view and the ability to influence the direction of the Fusion applications will enable Competent System's and its customers to better understand how Fusion will benefit their organizations, and ultimately how to prepare for the adoption of Fusion Application.

Advantages of Competent System's relationship for Oracle Fusion:

• Oracle Certified Fusion Implementation Partner:

As both an Oracle E-Business Suite customer and a Certified Advantage Partner, Competent System's is uniquely positioned to validate use cases, user experience, functional designs, architecture, security, business process flows, prototypes, and documentation as a participant in this program.

• Oracle Fusion Co-Development Partner:

Competent System's has been involved with Oracle Fusion many years before it became Generally Available. As a Validation Partner, Competent System's application experts received hands-on experience with early versions of Fusion and provided their recommendations and feedback to Oracle based on their experiences implementing and supporting Oracle EBS. Competent System's development also participated in early versions of Fusion as a co-development partner for Fusion Payroll.

• Oracle Fusion Early Adopter Program:

Oracle’s early adaptor program is a way for customers who want to be on the leading edge of technology and be one of the first to use Fusion. EAP participants have access to new Fusion components prior to GA and a direct connection with Oracle development. Several EAP customers are using Competent System's implementation services.

• Oracle Design Partner for Fusion Applications:

Oracle has embarked on a tremendous investment in developing a new generation of enterprise business applications. It is critical to Oracle that strategic customers are involved in the review and validation of core features, functionality, “implement-ability” and configurability of these Fusion Applications. As part of this initiative, Oracle Corporation has chosen Competent System's as a Design Partner.

• Oracle Fusion Validation Partner:

This Validation Program provides a select set of customers’ early insight into Fusion functionality. Customers will benefit by being able to validate the functionality of Fusion Applications and gain a better understanding of how to implement Fusion Applications. In turn, Oracle will benefit by receiving timely and high-quality input from these strategic customers.