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QA and TestingSolutions:

Competent System's QA and Testing Practice is composed of experienced professionals who are passionate about ensuring the quality, performance and user experience of customer products and applications. Our testing team has experience in multiple domains and technologies and has established best practices, frameworks and tools to methodically perform testing activities. Our professionals can work closely with the developers and play a vital role in development teams that follow a Test Driven approach to developing code.

We offer dedicated offshore testing services to software vendors (ISVs), enterprises and web businesses. Using our Offshore Testing Practice and dedicated offshore test labs, our clients gain time, reduce costs and increase the productivity of their employees who can then work on business related activities that add value.


Functional Testing:

   Our functional testing experience spans across several industries like healthcare, education, ecommerce, supply chain, manufacturing and social media. We test software products - packaged and bespoke, SaaS applications, web applications and software enabled devices. We make it our business to understand all the requirements and will systematically test the functionalities of the application, provide detailed reports and perform regression testing after fixes are made.

Clients often engage Competent System's dedicated offshore testing teams for the long term for testing their product lines and software applications. The offshore test teams quickly understand the products, the business domains. The customers then leverage these teams to accelerate product releases and be more competitive in the market.

We use a judicious mix of automated tools and manual processes to perform functional testing. The experience and judgment of our skilled testers goes a long way in ensuring the quality of the final deliverables. We have established processes, tools and leverage industry best practices to perform functional testing.

A few of our best practices and processes are briefly outlined below,

           Perform Black box testing after gaining sufficient knowledge about the application.
           Prepare detailed Test plans and Test cases.
           Perform Boundary testing.
           Systematic testing of functionalities in the following layers.
             o  User Interface layer.
             o  Business layer.
             o  Database layer.
           Automated unit test scripts for business methods.
           Defect Tracking, following to closure
           Maintain Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), Root cause analysis.
           Regression testing.

Performance Testing:

Competent System's Performance Testing Services help you:
           Load test web applications by simulating thousands of geographically targeted users.
           Create load scenarios specific to your needs and performing runs with gradually increasing loads.
           Find out thresholds for performance. E.g. When does the site start getting slow? How many transactions             can happen per minute successfully?.
           Identify bottlenecks in application, database, infrastructure, code limitations.
           Prepare test plans, test scripts, harnesses, test automation design and execution.
           Test reporting specific to your needs.
           site administrators to perform tests on their own with minimal programming knowledge.

Test Automation:

    Competent Systems has deep expertise in developing Test Automation scripts using a variety of technologies and languages like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby etc. We leverage industry standard Open Source tools and frameworks like Selenium, Watir, Ruby and other tools like QTP, Winrunner etc and can easily automate the testing your web application using a platform and language of your choice.

We develop exhaustive scripts that will cover all possible paths of your applications. All the input data for the tests and the output data for verification are stored in external files that can easily be changed on demand. Our teams also share the knowledge and scripts developed with you and train your teams to perform ongoing tests, if needed.

Competent Systems actively embraces a tool driven test approach focused on effective use of tools to reduce the cost of testing and to improve the effectiveness of testing. The tools are home grown, researched and adopted or specified as a requirement by the client. Here is a brief list of actively used test tools at Competent Systems:

Functional Testing Tools

           Win Runner
           Selenium IDE

Performance Testing Tools

           Web load
           Open STA

Bug tracking


Miscellaneous test tools

         o  Structural test tools

                jUnit, JTestcase, NUnit.

         o  Code coverage measurement tools

                NCover, Emma.

         o  Build Automation Tools

                Cruise control, Ant