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WebSphere ESB

WebSphere ESB (WESB) provides the capabilities of a standards-based enterprise service bus. WebSphere ESB manages the flow of messages between service requesters and service providers. Mediation modules within the ESB handle mismatches between requesters and providers, including protocol or interaction-style, interface and quality of service mismatches. In an SCA-based solution mediation modules are a type of SCA module. The mediation modules perform a special role, and therefore have slightly different characteristics from other components that operate at the business level.

Adeptech Systems Offers:

  • Compile roadmap for implementing Enterprise Service Bus using WESB
  • Validate &analyze the current integration practice, establish ESB Implementation Strategy Definition
  • Conduct quick POV/POC for demonstration on product capabilities and service development and help customer in firsthand experience
  • Deployment architecture, Development, Support and Training for implementing Services in WESB
  • Install, configure and manage an IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus environment using core product skills and best practice methods
  • Technical assistance in design and develop mediation modules (services ) in WESB integrating with existing legacy systems
  • On-site business expertise, solution leadership and management for effective and efficient delivery
  • Global Delivery Model that helps to reduce time to market with reduced cost